There are innumerable sites out there when it comes to visual arts—some better than others. The challenge for the busy teacher is to find the time to do the research. Well, the work has already been done for you!

Statement of Discretion

Careful consideration has been taken to provide useful resources that will enhance this art curriculum. However, discretion is advised when using these resources as cultural mores may differ from one constituency to another.


The Artful Parent

Written with the intent of helping parents and educators kickstart an interest in art within their homes and classrooms, this website provides simple lessons, organized by subject areas such as painting, sculpture, etc., that help spark creativity in children. This resource also provides ideas for art-themed gifts and putting together a basic supply box. Minimum advertising found throughout.

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Art Projects for Kids

A fantastic site with hundreds of simple art lessons categorized by artist, grade, and type of medium. It contains beautiful examples of completed work, step-by-step verbal instructions and dozens of additional supplemental materials available.

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Written by an art teacher, this website allows the viewer to search by medium, technique, age, or grade. Thematic lesson plan packs are available for purchase, as well as art kits. Nominal yearly fee if interested in using this regularly to supplement your art curriculum. Obtaining membership provides access to hundreds of lessons.

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Deep Space Sparkle

Deep Space Sparkle is an engaging website with bright colors and clear organization. This resource packs an awesome punch for any classroom art teacher, regardless of your level of expertise. Lessons are organized by grade, subject, and technique. Online workshops are available on a wide array of topics. You can find free podcasts, tips on classroom management, curriculum planning, and alignment to art standards.

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Incredible Art Department

This website is an extensive source for a wide variety of resources--free art lessons, plans for substitute teachers, art news, lists of art galleries, art contests, and careers in art. It also provides helpful advice for new art teachers.

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Arty Factory

Geared more towards middle school and high school, these free lessons require PDF download. It offers a wide variety of choices, including several art history options. There are numerous pop-up ads. Caution should be taken when making selections, as some of the lessons feature a “darker” exposure to art.

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Expressive Monkey

Advertised as the little helper, this website is geared towards the art-challenged teacher who is looking for simple guided drawing lessons. Although the free resources are not very comprehensive, additional PDF downloads are available for minimal cost. Links included to TpT options.

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Step-by-Step Painting

As the name implies, this site offers step-by-step guided canvas art painting lessons on a wide variety of subjects. Traceables and video demonstrations are included. Brush technique tips are shared. Pop-up ads are present.

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