Talents are truly priceless gifts from God.

We are very proud to feature the work of some exceptionally talented individuals who have honored the Seventh-day Adventist Church with their impeccable artistry.

May their legacy continue to inspire young people for many generations to come.

A professional artist is one who makes their living solely through their art.

Steve Creitz works as a full-time Adventist illustrator specializing in prophecy images.


Steve Creitz works as a full-time Adventist illustrator specializing in prophecy images. He also currently serves as Director of Licensing at GoodSalt.com, managing tens of thousands of religious images used across the globe in publications and ministry projects. He also works at his local church as VBS set designer and teaches the Junior Sabbath School class.

Steve earned his MFA from the Academy of Art University, after studying figure and landscape painting as an undergraduate at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts and an undergrad degree in Graphic Design from Union College.

He works out of his studio outside Boise, Idaho, along with his patient wife, lovely daughters, one dog, two cats, two parakeets, two goldfish, eight chickens and a dwarf hamster named D.J. You can visit Steve’s website, Prophecy Art.



Nathan Greene


“I have always wanted to be a painter,” Nathan Greene says recalling his childhood fascination with his mother’s landscape canvasses. Greene still remembers peering up at her easel with the smell of linseed oil hanging in the air.

Nathan Greene is a contemporary artist with his feet firmly planted in the rich tradition of American illustration. His technique and discipline reflect his respect for the artistic legends such as Hayden Sundbloom, Norman Rockwell, and Nathan’s mentor, Harry Anderson. His admiration for the pioneers of his craft continually show in his own work.

In 1980, young Nathan visited an American Academy of Art exhibit at Chicago’s Sears Tower. He was so taken with the quality of the students work, with its emphasis on traditional painting and drawing skills, that he decided to study at the Academy.

Completing his studies in 1983, he married his wife, Patty, and plunged directly into the highly competitive world of freelance illustration. By the late 1980’s his stirring illustrations for inspirational book covers and magazines were featured in publications such as Christianity Today, Signs of the Times, Focus on the Family, Tyndall House, and also Ranger Rick Magazine. NASA was quick to notice the Michigan artist’s skill and commissioned Nathan to paint a number paintings portraying the U.S. space program. He was privileged to take reference photos at the launching of the space shuttle Atlantis, the landing of Endeavor, and astronaut training activities.

In the early 1990’s Nathan was commissioned to do two large oil paintings, “The Family of God” and “Chief of the Medical Staff”. These two pieces represented a new direction for Nathan as he moved away from illustration to commissions of large fine art oil paintings. Also, the emphasis of his art had become primarily inspirational paintings of Christ in Biblical, historical, and modern settings. He has created many richly colored and exquisitely detailed paintings of Christ guiding medical professionals, teachers, and families. In each picture you can clearly see loving kindness, strength, and compassion in Christ’s face. Some of Nathan’s most beloved paintings are of Christ holding a black lamb. The expression of love in Christ’s face has ministered to many who see themselves being rescued and protected in the arms of Jesus. Nathan’s desire is that each of his paintings will tell a story, will inspire a thought of comfort and salvation, and will show the incredible love God has for each one of us.

Nathan and Patty live in rural Michigan. Each of their three children are currently pursuing careers in art and design. Nathan shares his studio space with his good friend, a rescued dog, named Peach Pit.



Victor Issa


“My goal is to help focus people’s attention on the beautiful, uplifting, and meaningful things of life."

Victor Issa’s interest in art was evident from childhood and continued through his art education college degree from Union College, Lincoln, Nebraska. One of the required courses for his art degree was a sculpture class. This class became the seed that germinated into his full-time career. Victor and his family moved to Colorado in 1988 to be near the foundries. His public and private installations and commissions span the continent as well as overseas.

Victor’s passion for this art form and for his chosen subject matter is consistently evident in the work. “My goal is to help focus people’s attention on the beautiful, uplifting, and meaningful things of life, and to point them to the perfection of the universe made whole again eternally.”

One of the rewards Issa enjoys from his work is the feedback from individuals whose lives have been touched by the various installations. “Come Unto Me,” a 9-figure composition installed at Loma Linda University Medical Center represents a good illustration.

A nearby plaque displays the title of the piece, as well as a phone number for Victor Issa Studios[SD1] . “Ten years after it was first installed, patients and family members still call me in tears to tell me how much the sculpture has touched them. Some are cancer or heart patients who are at the hospital repeatedly. They sit on the bench, hold Jesus’ hand and find comfort,” he says.

Issa was also co-founder of the largest sculpture show in the United States that ran for 22 years. It offered hundreds of sculptors from around the country an opportunity to grow their skills and showcase their work; and it also offered thousands of collectors to find just what they’re looking. Proceeds from the event were donated to the art departments of local schools (more than $270,000) as well as funded the purchase and donation to the City of Loveland of more than thirty sculptures.

Another outreach aspect of Issa’s career was his “Testimony in Clay” live program. During this unique forty-five-minute presentation Mr. Issa transformed a life-size clay sculpture of the head of Jesus to depict several stages of His life. The depictions include His ministry, suffering and crucifixion, resurrection and finally, His mighty return as King of Kings. A brief video, full narration and musical selections that accompanied the sculptural program provided a powerful telling of the story of redemption in a new and unforgettable way.

Issa was invited to present this program across the United States, as well as overseas over a period of 10 years. He continues to live and work in Loveland, CO.


Phil McKay is a self-taught artist who has been painting in one form or another since early childhood.

Phil McKay is a self-taught artist who has been painting in one form or another since early childhood. In 2000 Phil began painting and illustrating professionally from his hometown of Port Macquarie, Australia, where he lives with his wife, Sharon, and their two children, Kelly and Charlie.

Most of his work over the past 19 years has been by commission, for such esteemed organizations like Australian Geographic, where he was awarded best illustrator for 2001 for one of his cover illustrations.

Phil’s work direction has changed in recent years due to his Christian background and beliefs. He adds, “I decided it was time to start glorifying God in my artwork. For it is the Lord that blesses us with talents, and I realized the need to utilize the gift God has given me to glorify His name.”

In 2008 Phil started working with It Is Written Oceania to produce artwork for a new updated Bible study “Secrets of Prophecy.” He continues to work with various Ministries both in Australia and internationally, to produce high quality biblical and inspirational art. “This is something I have always wanted to do, and it is an immense privilege and blessing to be painting the word of God."



Steve Creitz


Phil McKay