This multigrade Music Program provides four years of cycle charts
and weekly plans for small schools. Supplementary materials—Hymns, Our Christian Heritage, The BASICS, and Playing the Recorder—
are also included.

Spotlight on Music


For multigrade schools, it is recommended that grade 3 and grade 5 curriculum be purchased.

The grade 3 Spotlight on Music materials have been developed into four one-year cycles for grades 1–4, the lower level. The grade 5 Spotlight on Music materials have been developed into four one-year cycles for grades 5–8, the upper level.

The Basics Foundational Learning

Since incoming first graders or transfer students will have missed out on the foundational learning preceding third or fifth grade Spotlight on Music lessons, The Basics lessons have been developed to remedy this gap. The Basics lessons may also be used each year as a review even if there are no new students.

Hymns, Our Christian Heritage

Because of the importance of the spiritual component to our music curriculum, 40 hymn lessons have been developed: 20 for the lower level and 20 for the upper level. The plan is to use five hymn lessons each year.

the Recorder

Utilizing the recorder as a performing instrument is a time-honored tradition for third and fourth graders that may easily be extended to fifth grade and above, especially when there is no string or band program in the school. The recorder is an inexpensive instrument that provides opportunity for students to put into practice their musical literacy skills as well as to bring musical pleasure. It is also an excellent starter instrument for students who may have the opportunity to join band in the fifth grade.


An important component of the music curriculum in our schools is preparing and presenting programs for constituent churches, parents, friends, and the community. Therefore, program preparation has been built into the Weekly Plans. Adjustments in the lessons may be made according to when the programs are planned and how much time is needed to prepare the program.

The supplementary materials may be used for any size school whether or not the school utilizes the Spotlight on Music curriculum.

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