Hymns, Our Christian Heritage

Treasured hymns that have been carefully collected and preserved through many generations are a legacy of our Christian heritage. Will these hymns be cherished and passed on to the next generation or will they gradually be lost forever? Teachers, along with parents and those in local church leadership, hold the future of these hymns in their hands. These hymns are valuable because of their historical value, but more importantly because of their spiritual impact. The students will form long-lasting memories as they present the hymns and their stories in a variety of ways in school, church and outreach activities.

Twenty hymn lessons have been created for the Lower Level and 20 for the Upper Level, 40 lessons in all. Five may be used each cycle—one hymn lesson per quarter with an extra lesson to be used at the end of the year. The lessons do not have to be used consecutively.

Many activities are suggested for each Hymn Lesson. The teacher may choose the approach that is most appropriate for the students in his or her classroom and that supports the standards and objectives listed above.

Lower Level Lessons and Supplementary files


Sing & Ring Chimes
Audio Files


Hymn Videos
with Sign Language

Upper Level Lessons and Supplementary files